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Hello, I'm Muhammad Talha Akbar from Pakistan specializing in both the front-end and the back-end. Since 2011, I have been actively working in the web technologies. For the recent 2 years, I have worked on Upwork, MailNinja and on Fiverr as a fullstack web developer.


Berry Kitchen

Berry Kitchen is a restaurant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was responsible for developing the responsive front-end. I was hired by Justinus Hermanwan to do the job.


Builder is a public email design tool from MailNinja. Builder is designed to provide drag and drop type email creation for people who find their current email provider’s in-built design tool hard to use.


Canvas was created as an alternate to email building tools to help MailNinja build HTML emails in a faster more efficient way by introducing key features that the others did not have.


Snapshot is a reporting tool. Uses MailChimp API to give a visual representation of the campaign results that we can glance at and get a quick understanding of what's working and why.

Room DB

Room DB is a personal project aimed to make room accommodation effortless. With its simple yet effective room ad system, you will be able to find quality rooms worldwide.

Fiverr Freelance

From January 2016 to April 2016, I worked on Fiverr. Although, it's not exactly a project but, I wanted to share some of the reviews and the work I did during those 4 months.



5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
2 Years
2 Years
SASS, LESS, TypeScript and more


5 Years
5 Years
3 Months
2 Years
3 Months
1 Year
2 Years
Gulp, Bower, NPM and more

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CSS Framework
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Breathing since 1997

Until today, I've spent 20 years on this planet Earth. In all those years, 4/6th of my life was spent on a computer. When my father brought a PC at my early age, the only reason I used it was to play video games. It was fun because you won't need to convince your siblings to play with you anymore! It was interactive entertainment on demand. Back in those days, to be able to install a software and being able to run it properly was an area of expertise. I was that sort of expert until 2011.

In 2011, the year I heard a lot about facebook, my brother somehow managed to understand some of the basics of web and started to use the web inspector to edit facebook messages to prank his friends. He pointed us into the right direction. We both continued to dive deep into this new world of programming. I was more inclined to replicating facebook and always found myself making login system, news feed, comments system and more. But, I always found that practices I used were out of date. So, I kept improving the way I coded until 2016.

2016, the year of freelancing, the year when my hobby was to become one of my earning sources. 4 months, and I became Level 2 seller with 58 5-star reviews on Fiverr but, it ended a lot sooner than it started because, Fiverr has a habit of disabling accounts. During freelancing on Fiverr, I had met MailNinja. For about 2 years, together with MailNinja team, I worked on 3 major projects that turned out to be a success. These 2 years have made me believe that I am a web development expert now.


English, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, German


Playing Cricket, Video Gaming, Surfing Internet


Politics, 3D Graphics, Game Development, Physics, Polski


Justinus Hermanwan - Software Developer at PT. Gajah Tunggal, Tbk.

Talha is a very professional Web Developer and I'm very pleased. I got what I asked for at the time and highly recommend it.

Andras Torma - CEO at LovasBazar

We had asked him to create a marketplace to sell used items. He had nothing to work from, everything needed to be remade from scratch. Not only did he perfectly execute our ideas, but thanks to his previous experience with web, he also has his own ideas to fix and improve the weak aspects of our project. Thanks to him, we have a fully working system with chat, notifications, item listings and all the stuff our site needed. Not only did he work good but also fast. We had a working prototype in about a week. All I can say, he's very much recommended for anyone!

Doug Dennison - CEO at MailNinja Limited

He's a skilled developer that can not only take someone's idea and turn it into a great product, he can also be there at the start and work with them to develop the product idea and how it works / looks. He has both technical ability and UX understanding, this is very rare. He is more like a 'consultant developer'.

50+ 5-star Fiverr Reviews

I received all 5-star reviews on Fiverr that total more than 50. From small-jobs to full-functioning websites, never did I have a customer unsatisified.

Derese Getachew - Senior Full Stack Developer at Romel Electricals

After purchasing his CSS Chat Layout item on CodeCanyon, I would say I was very much satisfied with the product and also I was impressed with the support that Talha was able to provide. I like his professionalism and the human elements involved in his works and I do recommend him as someone who is a delight to work with.

@fwebms - Fiverr

This was my first ever Fiverr Gig and I can recommend lostveteran (Talha). He was easy to communicate and delivered quickly. I will use his services again.

@newuser76 - Fiverr

Amazing! 100% the best developer on Fiverr! I'm already planning the next few projects with this guy!